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Domestic Medium Hair
6 years, 5 months, 1 week
10 lbs
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I'm Charlotte, a sweet, shy, grey and white girl. I'm polydactyl and having an extra toe makes me look like I'm always wearing mittens. Now that's the cute part. The sad part is that I'm also a front paw declaw, which means that I must be indoors always... No exceptions. I lived with other pets in my previous home, but I would probably fair best as your one and only. You see, I have no way to defend myself even if the other critters are friendly. Just having them around adds to my stress. Softer litter keeps me happy too like the kind made from corn, wheat, or wood and I also love my wet food. My dream is to find a quite loving home with a person or a couple that are home most of the day. I need someone who can show me that I'm safe and loved, in a consistent and gentle environment. Being only 3, I have many years of love left to give to someone who gets how hard it is to be declawed. Would that be you?

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