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American Bulldog
3 years, 4 months, 3 weeks
120 lbs
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Placement Recommendations: Recommended for public adoption, no small children due to sheer size and strength. Giant working breed experience recommended. Shouldn't require such a high degree of exercise and physical activity as other dogs (tends to gas quickly) but a few short walks throughout the day and regular play will be beneficial. Will benefit from obedience and training as this will help offset his large size and strength in terms of control. Any potential adopters should be physically capable of controlling this dog on leash and should demonstrate that ability (for safety). Careful introductions to other dogs recommend physical separation in the household for the first few weeks if there is a resident dog in the household. Appears housebroken. He seems overall sweet and gentle (when not pulling), a low energy dog that won't require a whole lot of "extras' ' to be a content, well behaved household dog.

ID 38177