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Domestic Medium Hair
2 years, 3 months, 1 week
7 lbs
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Bonjour dahling! My name is Snowball and I am ready to add sophistication to your household. I have been in a foster home for several weeks as shelter life was not suiting me very well, (what do you mean I don't get my own room?! I never!). My foster mom Cindy has been watching over me and while I was a bit hesitant at first, I found my place in my personal cubby where I can be eye level with human beasts. Since Cindy understood how special I was from the get go (smart lady!) I let her pet me and allowed for some chin and ear scratches. I do like treats and was ok with her holding me for a little bit. Cindy then offered me some cat food on a spoon so I rewarded her with biscuits on her shoulder. I have stellar litterbox habits, I do a good job burying my business and keep myself in pristine condition. You just never know when the paparazzi will be outside. I do have to say, I would prefer an all adult household and do not like being petted while washing my face, grooming is important you know. I need my boundaries respected so when I am done getting attention, I have no problem letting you know. Some might call it diva behavior, I just call it setting good boundaries.

ID 38299