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German Shepherd
8 months, 2 weeks
44 lbs
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How did this adorable puppy end up at the shelter? Quincy is bright, affectionate, and walks so easily on a slip lead that you'd think he's already an adult, not a wee kid of 7 months old. Like many of the dogs here, he's anxious in the kennel, alternating between barking and hiding in the back. Once the volunteers get him out, his playful side comes out, and he lets out a canine sigh of relief to get away from the cacophony of kennel life. Quincy could not be cuter and plays well with his besties at the shelter. We think he would make an excellent family dog, or a best bud for an active adopter willing to give him the exercise and stimulation that a puppy needs. Come down to meet him soon. You won't regret it!

ID 41791